Benton High Cheer

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, this is by far the most exciting thing that has happened in the many many years of cheer and dance for me!! The Benton High School cheerleaders won the NCA National Championship in the Medium Advanced division in Dallas yesterday. I have always known that this particular group would be a very talented group of girls, but it takes more than talent to win something this big. Honestly, there have many many, many girls that paved the path for this to happen. It did not just happen overnight or even just happen with these girls by themself. I could list so many girls starting with my first captain, Amber, that dreamed for something like this. The list would be endless of Benton High School cheerleaders that worked to improve their skills in order to build the program that we have today. I have seen the program continue to develop over the past 13 years that I have been coaching until we finally got to the point that I knew we had a "chance" to win. Then, along came this group of girls that put it all together. They worked to perfect their skills; they never complained about practicing long hours; their parents worked to fundraise to pay for the trip; and the bottom line is that these girls just wanted it so bad. You could just tell that "that day was going to be different". And different it was. I am so proud of these girls especially, but also proud of all those that paved the way. Enjoy the pictures below!!

At the airport getting ready to leave:

On the plane - all smiles!

Leaving for lunch and practice:

Nerves are beginning to kick in as we get hair and makeup ready!

On the bus to the convention center:

Arriving with "game faces" on:

Waiting to enter the warm-up room:

Check this interview out on and then click on Varsity TV:

Praying and preparing to take the competition floor:

Oh My~~~ Love this!!

Announcer - "This division was the closest competition this year with only .65 on a 100 point scale separating 1st and 2nd place. In 2nd place from Coppell..................I don't remember anything else after the Dallas Convention Center turned into a pure frenzy by over 100 people from Benton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!